Classes at the Free Skool can provide knowledge of any nature. Whether you can offer a class on Programming with Visual Basic or one on Permaculture Gardening, we will accept almost any class. We encourage you to teach anything that you find important or are especially passionate about or anything you just think is interesting. Also, if you are already teaching a free class in Orlando, send it to us and we will advertise it for free!


As a Free Skool teacher it is important to understand that the Free Skool is decentralized, not-for-profit, and unaffiliated with any traditionally organized schools. All classes will be free (with the exception of purchasing any necessary materials for the class)! Therefore, it is upon the teachers and students to help promote the classes and keep the Free Skool alive.

Please! Do not make any commitments that you cannot follow through with. Let us know if there needs to be any schedule changes. And, most importantly, be respectful of the spaces that you occupy for your classes and especially, of the students enrolled in them.

We will not accept any class that promotes racism, sexism, anti-semitism, or any other -ism for that matter, that is offensive or disrespectful!


Are you having a hard time figuring out what sort of class you could teach? Check out other Free Skools around the North America to get some inpiration:

Ithaca Free Skool
Free Skool Santa Cruz
Ann Arbor Free Skool
St. Pete Free Skool
East Bay Free Skool
AnarchistU (Toronto Free Skool) 

Submit a Class!


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