Passed Classes:

Lo-Fi Appreciation

The history, development, and aesthetics of low fidelity music since the 80’s.

Led by Mikey (

Time and Place: June 3rd, 4 P.M. in Mikey’s Room (e-mail for directions)

Leadership for Social Change

Learn about the Social Change Model of Leadership, developed at UCLA. This model conceives of leadership as taking place both intra and interpersonally. Learn more about how to develop your inherent skills and tune in with your passions in order to lead your life on purpose. Please bring note taking materials, and snacks (suggested)!!

Led by Maddie Sovern (

Time and Place: June 5th, 3 P.M. at Jay Blanchard Park

Building a Self-Sustaining Garden (Practices with Permaculture)

Disclaimer: This is a work day where we will be implementing the techniques of permaculture to build a sustainable, organic garden. Come with tough work clothes, a full stomach, and be prepared to get very dirty!

If you would like to learn some permaculture techniques and/or participate in building a self-sustaining, low-maintenance, organic garden, join us this weekend as we build the new beds and sew the first seeds!

What this day will entail:

0. Harvesting everything currently in the new area (homegrown, organic sweet potatoes to be eaten for lunch!?)
1. Lining the fence with cardboard
2. Moving (shoveling & pushing a wheelbarrow) > 6 inches of mulch into the garden
3. Inoculating the mulch with edible giant mushroom mycelium.
3. Covering the mulch with cardboard (organic weed block)
4. Moving 6 inches of compost into the garden
5. Designing/Organizing/Building the footpath of the garden
6. Building mounds & sewing corn kernels
7. Transplanting amaranth
8. Spreading carrots.
9. Sewing tomatoes, grapes, peppers, etc into pots.

Items needed! We have a few shovles, gloves, rakes, etc…but if many people show up we will run out. If you can fit it in your car, please help us by bringing some tools for yourself and others:

* Spade Shovels
* Shovles
* Rakes
* Wheelborrow
* Scissors

Led by Michael Altfield (940.343.5322)

Time and Place:

Saturday, June 30th. 9:30am – 8:00 pm

3359 Hillmont Circle, Orlando FL 32817


Upcoming Classes:

None… 😦


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